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SiteForm is designed to replace traditional paperwork and standalone tools. We bring a multitude of solutions under one digital roof. From streamlined communication to efficient project tracking.

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Discover SiteForm’s all-encompassing feature suite. Designed for efficiency, each feature replaces manual processes and automates workflows. Tools built for you.

Onboard new workers with ease, in their language and at their pace. Save time, reduce risk, and enhance comprehension.

Daily Reporting

Effortlessly capture and organize daily project activities and progress with our user-friendly daily reporting tool.

Pre-Task Planning

Guided conversations that bring awareness to hazards and communicates changing conditions. Documentation that ensures compliance.

Delivery Management

Manage and synchronize delivery schedules effortlessly, avoiding conflicts and ensuring seamless coordination of materials and equipment for your projects.

Inspections & Checklists

Create and customize inspection and pre-use checklists, empowering everyone to do their part.

Incident Management

Efficiently record and analyze accident data, helping you implement preventive measures and improve workplace safety.


The orientation feature streamlines the onboarding process for new construction workers. It allows project managers to create and customize digital orientation modules, which workers can access via the app on their devices. These modules include essential safety information, project-specific guidelines, and site protocols.

As workers go through the orientation, they can interact with the content, complete necessary acknowledgments, and submit their queries or confirmations directly through the app. This digital approach not only saves time but also ensures consistent delivery of crucial orientation information to every new team member.

Daily Reporting

The Daily Reporting feature simplifies the daily logging of construction site activities. It enables site foremen and team members to easily create comprehensive daily reports directly from their mobile devices. These reports can include work progress, resource utilization, any incidents or delays, and other relevant site activities.

With the ability to add photos and detailed notes, the reports provide a clear and accurate picture of each day's developments. All data is instantly uploaded and accessible to project managers, ensuring real-time visibility and enabling prompt decision-making. This feature not only streamlines the reporting process but also enhances the accuracy and reliability of daily site records.

Safety Reporting

The Safety Reporting feature is a vital tool for enhancing on-site safety practices. It allows construction teams to document safety observations, potential hazards, and incidents directly through the app, fostering a proactive approach to safety management. This feature enables workers and supervisors to quickly report safety concerns, along with supporting details like photographs and specific location information. These real-time reports are immediately available to safety officers and project managers, facilitating swift action and resolution.

By encouraging regular safety reporting, our app helps in identifying and mitigating risks before they lead to accidents, contributing to a safer work environment for all.

Delivery Schedule

The Delivery Schedule feature is designed to efficiently manage and coordinate the arrival of materials and equipment at the construction site. It provides project managers and site supervisors with a comprehensive platform to schedule, track, and update delivery timelines. Users can input expected delivery dates, track real-time status, and receive notifications for any delays or changes.

This tool ensures that all parties are informed about the logistics, reducing the chances of scheduling conflicts and ensuring that necessary resources are available when needed. By maintaining a clear and updated delivery schedule, the app plays a crucial role in keeping the project timeline on track and minimizing downtime due to material shortages or logistic oversights.


The Inspections feature streamlines the process of conducting and managing site inspections for construction projects. It allows managers to create custom inspection checklists tailored to specific project requirements. Users on site, such as foremen or safety officers, can access these checklists on their mobile devices, conduct thorough inspections, and record their findings in real-time.

The feature supports adding detailed notes, photographs, and tagging specific locations, making each inspection report comprehensive and informative. This data is immediately available to project managers for review and action, ensuring that any issues are promptly addressed. By digitizing the inspection process, the app enhances the efficiency, accuracy, and accountability of site inspections, contributing to overall project quality and safety.

Accident Tracking

The Accident Tracking is an essential tool for managing and mitigating workplace accidents on construction sites. It provides a streamlined process for recording and analyzing accident incidents, enabling site supervisors and safety personnel to document details as soon as an accident occurs. Users can input critical information about the incident, including the time, location, nature of the accident, and any immediate actions taken, along with photo evidence if applicable.

This data is instantly accessible to project managers and safety officers, allowing for quick response and investigation. The feature also helps in maintaining accurate records for compliance and safety audits, and assists in identifying patterns or areas of risk for future preventive measures. By effectively tracking and analyzing accidents, the app aids in enhancing on-site safety and reducing the frequency of accidents.